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2010-01-13 23:54:53 by InfiniteLeon

I'm going to "attempt" to make a stick animation, if that turns into a total fail, i'm going to work on a 4 min long madness combat movie that is better then my latest one. I've been practicing with FBF lately :D!


2009-11-07 03:13:41 by InfiniteLeon

Ello, Newground viewers, People, Humans, Maybe monkeys. Well anyway, Im got a lil bored and made a Hank Fail Animation. I'll post it tomorrow ( Today ) When i wake up. But for Now, G'Night ye ol Newgrounds, Uhhh, Grounders?

Ps: The Animation is very short XD


2009-10-02 20:35:10 by InfiniteLeon

Oh Hi thar! This is Leon announcing that i made a newgrounds account +w+., Well not most of you know me but you will sure soon!, I Plan on making a Halloween Madness Movie, Well i'll post more News Post later, Later!